Sometimes you may want to only show content if it's on a certain type of page(especially in your sidebars). Well as of today, you can!

This works with text widgets in any of the many sidebars available, as well as in your content(posts and pages).


[is type="page"]

This text will only show up on pages


There are several types available. You can use the following types:


[is type="page"][/is] // Shows on pages
[is type="post"][/is] // Shows on posts
[is type="single"][/is] // Shows on pages and individual posts
[is type="front_page"][/is]  Shows on Home page
[is type="archive"][/is] // Shows on Blog list pages, such as category pages, tag pages, etc.
[is type="category"][/is] // Shows on category pages
[is type="tag"][/is] // Shows on tag pages
[is type="search"][/is] // Shows on the search results page

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