How great would it be if you could get your site for free every month? I know I would! That's why TitaniumSites offers a fantastic affiliate program to all it's customers!

I setup this affiliate program with one question in mind: If I were an affiliate, what would I want? I'd want a program that rewards me every month for the people that I referred. I'd like a significant payout that made my time worth it. So that's what i built!

For every person who purchases a subscription via your affiliate link, you receive $10 every month that they're subscribed! That can add up to a nice little side-income fairly quickly!

How can I do that? Surely that means everyone is overpaying by $10/month for their subscription, right? Not quite! For nearly every business, the largest portion of their budget is marketing costs. Affiliate systems are a great way to give those marketing dollars back to your biggest fans!

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