page-templatesPage Templates allow an additional way to choose how each page lays out in your site. There are currently 3 page templates that you can use. Let's look at each one.

  • There's the Default Template. This one will follow the settings that you setup under Site Options in the admin panel. If you have a sidebar visible for instance, it will always show on a page with this template active on it. As it's name suggests, this template assigned by default to each page.
  • Then we have the One Column, Full Width Template. It overrides the sidebar option that you set in site options, and doesn't display the sidebar. This means that you can have the sidebar on some pages, but not others. One page layout doesn't always work for every page on a site!
  • Lastly we have the Unbranded Sales Page available. The header, menu, subheader, footer, and sidebar are all hidden on this one! All that shows is the content that you've created for that page, nothing else. This template should be used sparingly, but for savvy marketers, this template can be used to create a tight sales funnel for your marketing campaigns. This type of page is often called a squeeze page.
  • Well there you have it, now go create some content!


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