Are you looking for a way to offer websites to your clients? We're more than happy to help you offer TitaniumSites as a white label service.

Many small computer repair shops get requests from their clients to create websites for them. Unfortunately, creating website is a completely different skill set than repairing computers, so good I.T. shops have to outsource the sites, or create a basic site that doesn't work well for their clients. For many I.T. shops, TitaniumSites can be a win-win proposition!

Here's a few ways TitaniumSites could work for you:

  • Leave the server maintenance, software updates, security, and new feature additions to someone else!
  • Offer your clients something that you can be proud of
  • Offer value-added services to your clients, like content creation or site setup packages.

Contact us today, and see if TitaniumSites is right for your business!


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