Everyone who is online is part of a community. As a part of that community, we have a responsibility to help each other out, and do what we can to make the online "world" a safer place, and a better experience for everyone. One of the big ways that we can do this is to encourage others to keep their browsers updated. People with out-of-date browsers are more likely to be hacked, and more likely to have a bad experience online.

With each new browser comes new features that we can take advantage of to make sites faster, and improve the features and usability of our sites. TitaniumSites is committed to using the latest technologies, so that your site operates at it's very best! In order to do that, we have to set reasonable limits on how many old versions of browsers are supported.

For most browsers, this is a non-issue as they have switched to an "evergreen" browser model. This means that those browsers automatically update in the background, keeping you secure and modern with no effort. Chrome is the best example of an evergreen browser. Internet Explorer(IE) is the browser that's bringing up the rear in this case. As of version 10, IE has adopted the evergreen model by default. However, until users update to the latest version, the automatic updates don't happen by default.

TS has made the decision to support back to version 8 of IE. Chrome and Firefox and Safari, along with these versions of IE, represent 95% of the browsers used. We feel that strikes the correct balance that allows us to reach the most people, and still develop modern solutions for the web.

Users who get all the features of the sites they visit, and don't get hacked when they're online are going to spend more time online, and of course spend more money online as well. We all benefit from using secure browsers!

By default every TitaniumSite has what is called a "Browser Upgrade Bar" that shows whenever someone using an out-of-date browser comes to the site. It doesn't interfere with your site's operation. It's just a hint to your technology-challenged users to upgrade.

It also means that if something doesn't work just right on your site in a really old browser, you won't get calls complaining about your site. They'll understand that it's their software, not you!

If for any reason you don't want the Bar to show for your users, you can easily turn it off under Site Options -> Shortcode Information in the Admin Panel.

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