Bad url's are a fact of life. We may type them wrong, and sometimes other people type them wrong when they're linking to us. The usual focus is to have good "404" error pages on your site. Now that's all well and good, to a point.

But what if we could deal with small typos automatically, and figure out where they meant to go in the first place?

As you've no doubt guessed by now, TitaniumSites does! If a page can't be found, before it goes to an error page, TS looks to see if there's any pages that's less than three characters different from the bad url. If it finds one, the visitor is automatically redirected to that page! Now of course the domain has to be correct, or it won't get to the TS servers in the first place. But anything after the domain is as fault tolerant as possible!

For you SEO experts, you'll be happy to know that the redirect is a 301(permanent) one, so the bad links pointing to you can still pass rank to the correct page!

Try it out on these links:

http://titaniumsites.com/2013/04/08/predictive-urls/ This is the good url to this post

http://titaniumsites.com/2013/04/08/predictve-ur/This is a "bad" link to this post, but it still works!

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