It's finally here! TitaniumSites now has the ability to show related posts! There's a blue-million plugins out there that provide related posts, but they either slow the site down, or don't have the customization needed to be used across many types of sites. That's why TS now has a custom solution. So why go with shortcodes? Shortcodes are great because we can use them in so many different places, either in a single post, or any any widget used in the template.

If you go to Appearance -> Widgets in your Admin Panel, you'll see a ton of different locations that you can insert widgets into to show in your website. Add shortcodes by first adding a Text widget to the desired location, and putting your shortcode inside that Text widget. Probably the best place that you can put the related posts shortcode is in the After-Post Widget Area. This will ensure that they show up after every post, including in the blog list, category pages, archives, etc.

Related posts are determined by first looking for other posts with similar tags, and then if it can't find any tags it looks for posts in the same category. Be sure to add plenty of categories and tags to your posts! So what's the shortcode?


[related_posts quantity="3"]

Plain and simple! Set how many related posts that you want to show with the quantity attribute, and you're done! See an example of it in use here.

Related posts are a great way to increase the amount of time on your site. You get to show people who are interested in one article - other articles right in line with their interests!

Now get creative! You could put it in your sidebar for single posts if you use it inside the conditional shortcode, or only put it on certain posts in the content, instead of globally in the widgets. It's up to you!

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