Sometimes it's important to be able to personalize a page for a subset of users. This is especially true in marketing. Let's say you're running advertising to a page. You may want to customize the title of that page depending on which ad is running to it. It is now possible to put placeholder shortcodes in your content that will change based on your url!

Here's an example:


[replace default="Google" var="s1"]

This can be used in your content, title's, and text widgets. By default it will be replaced with(in this case) Google. But if you append ?s1=Ebay to your url, you'll see the text change to Ebay.

Let's look at another example to clarify:


[replace default="Websites" var="fiddles"] are very important!

Here the default text will be "Websites are very important!", but if I add ?fiddles=cars to the end of my url, the sentence will now read: "Cars are very important!".

You can specify multiple replacements per page, but don't get to carried away with things! Personalization can be good, but don't end up confusing your users by abusing it.

Note that this does not significantly impact SEO optimization because each page on TitaniumSites has a canonical url defined that does not include the substitution variables. Search engines should always index the page with the default keywords, not the dynamic replacements. This prevents any duplicate content penalties for your pages! Everything on TS is designed to give you the best features possible using the very best practices online!

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