As I've built websites over the years, it became apparent that there was a missing gap in website solutions for basic professional websites.

The Usual Options

  • Custom websites are a great option, but the price to build one often costs more than business owners want to shell out, with no results guaranteed!
  • Most pre-built Content Management Systems(CMS's) are great for putting a site up quickly, but are so bloated with unnecessary options, require a ton of conflicting plugins, and/or require endless updates and maintenance, that most people can't quickly make simple changes. Their sites end up out-of-date and worthless, or worse yet, create a bad impression of the business.
  • Most hosting company offers some sort of awful 'website builder'. They're poorly built systems that were tacked on for marketing appeal. Without fail, the websites look horrible, and don't rank well in search engines.

The Better Option!

TitaniumSites(TS) makes it possible to have a great-looking, managed website at an affordable price. After years of observing the most common stumbling blocks for average users, we made the admin panel as simple as possible so that you can make changes quickly, and go on with running your business!  Business owners shouldn't need a degree to update their website!

Everything is designed to provide the best possible website, using the latest stable technologies. TS is based on the very flexible, proven WordPress system. It has been heavily optimized to provide the perfect balance of simplicity and flexibility. How the admin panel looks, and what is present, is just as important to us as how your main site looks. The easier it  'feels', the more likely that the site's content will stay fresh and up-to-date(one of the most important predictors of success!)

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