Everyone who is online is part of a community. As a part of that community, we have a responsibility to help each other out, and do what we can to make the online "world" a safer place, and a better experience for everyone. One of the big ways that we can do this is to encourage others to keep their browsers updated. People with out-of-date browsers are more likely to be hacked, and more likely to have a bad experience online.

With each new browser comes new features that we can take advantage of to make sites faster, and improve the features and usability of our sites. TitaniumSites is committed to using the latest technologies, so that your site operates at it's very best! In order to do that, we have to set reasonable limits on how many old versions of browsers are supported.

For most browsers, this is a non-issue as they have switched to an "evergreen" browser model. This means that those browsers automatically update in the background, keeping you secure and modern with no effort. Chrome is the best example of an evergreen browser. Internet Explorer(IE) is the browser that's bringing up the rear in this case. As of version 10, IE has adopted the evergreen model by default. However, until users update to the latest version, the automatic updates don't happen by default.

TS has made the decision to support back to version 8 of IE. Chrome and Firefox and Safari, along with these versions of IE, represent 95% of the browsers used. We feel that strikes the correct balance that allows us to reach the most people, and still develop modern solutions for the web.

Users who get all the features of the sites they visit, and don't get hacked when they're online are going to spend more time online, and of course spend more money online as well. We all benefit from using secure browsers!

By default every TitaniumSite has what is called a "Browser Upgrade Bar" that shows whenever someone using an out-of-date browser comes to the site. It doesn't interfere with your site's operation. It's just a hint to your technology-challenged users to upgrade.

It also means that if something doesn't work just right on your site in a really old browser, you won't get calls complaining about your site. They'll understand that it's their software, not you!

If for any reason you don't want the Bar to show for your users, you can easily turn it off under Site Options -> Shortcode Information in the Admin Panel.

How easy is it to show a Google Map on your page? Well, I think it's pretty simple! Take a look:


[map address="1234 AnyStreet Somewhere, AK, 555555" width="500" height="300"]

That's it! What do you think?

Now why would you use this over the embed code that you can get from the Google Maps site? Unfortunately those maps use Iframes which can get stripped out of the content editor whenever you're in Visual mode. Using the shortcode means that your map will never be stripped out accidentally when you edit your content in the future.

Give it a try, and see how you like it. The next step for this shortcode is to add the ability to get directions on the same page. When directions are added, it'll be announced right here on the blog, so check back soon!

Responsive Design is the buzz word of the web industry right now, and for good reason! Mobile devices like phones and tablets are the fastest growing area of technology right now. Many sites are starting to see anywhere from 20-40% of their traffic coming from mobile devices. Unfortunately by default the average website doesn't work well on those devices. The text is to small, the links are hard to click, and to use anything requires a ton of pinching and zooming to find what you're looking for. That's where Responsive Design comes into play.

Sites that are responsive adjust the content to work well on any device. Columns reflow into one column, font-sizes increase, and menu's adjust to be mobile friendly. Take a look at TitaniumSites.com on your mobile phone to see an example of how things adjust on different screen sizes.

What does this mean for you? Well it's all good news! Your TitaniumSite themes are already responsively designed for you!

Sites are no longer static "poster-like" designs, but dynamic and fluid. This can take some getting used to, but has so much potential for creating really useful sites. Instead of focusing on layout, focus on creating great content! That's what your customers are coming for, and that's what will ensure your site becomes/remains successful! Let TitaniumSites take care of the fluid "container" that your content lives in!

Are you looking for a way to offer websites to your clients? We're more than happy to help you offer TitaniumSites as a white label service.

Many small computer repair shops get requests from their clients to create websites for them. Unfortunately, creating website is a completely different skill set than repairing computers, so good I.T. shops have to outsource the sites, or create a basic site that doesn't work well for their clients. For many I.T. shops, TitaniumSites can be a win-win proposition!

Here's a few ways TitaniumSites could work for you:

  • Leave the server maintenance, software updates, security, and new feature additions to someone else!
  • Offer your clients something that you can be proud of
  • Offer value-added services to your clients, like content creation or site setup packages.

Contact us today, and see if TitaniumSites is right for your business!


page-templatesPage Templates allow an additional way to choose how each page lays out in your site. There are currently 3 page templates that you can use. Let's look at each one.

  • There's the Default Template. This one will follow the settings that you setup under Site Options in the admin panel. If you have a sidebar visible for instance, it will always show on a page with this template active on it. As it's name suggests, this template assigned by default to each page.
  • Then we have the One Column, Full Width Template. It overrides the sidebar option that you set in site options, and doesn't display the sidebar. This means that you can have the sidebar on some pages, but not others. One page layout doesn't always work for every page on a site!
  • Lastly we have the Unbranded Sales Page available. The header, menu, subheader, footer, and sidebar are all hidden on this one! All that shows is the content that you've created for that page, nothing else. This template should be used sparingly, but for savvy marketers, this template can be used to create a tight sales funnel for your marketing campaigns. This type of page is often called a squeeze page.
  • Well there you have it, now go create some content!


I'm proud of the theme options that are currently in TitaniumSites(and they're only going to get better!), but sometimes you just have that one unique customization that the options don't allow. Hope is not lost! On our Site Options page you'll find a Custom CSS, and a Custom Javascript section where you can add your own CSS and Javascript(including jQuery!) to your hearts content!

Not sure where to start?

Here are some great resources to get started learning about CSS and Javascript:

How great would it be if you could get your site for free every month? I know I would! That's why TitaniumSites offers a fantastic affiliate program to all it's customers!

I setup this affiliate program with one question in mind: If I were an affiliate, what would I want? I'd want a program that rewards me every month for the people that I referred. I'd like a significant payout that made my time worth it. So that's what i built!

For every person who purchases a subscription via your affiliate link, you receive $10 every month that they're subscribed! That can add up to a nice little side-income fairly quickly!

How can I do that? Surely that means everyone is overpaying by $10/month for their subscription, right? Not quite! For nearly every business, the largest portion of their budget is marketing costs. Affiliate systems are a great way to give those marketing dollars back to your biggest fans!

Sometimes you may want to only show content if it's on a certain type of page(especially in your sidebars). Well as of today, you can!

This works with text widgets in any of the many sidebars available, as well as in your content(posts and pages).


[is type="page"]

This text will only show up on pages


There are several types available. You can use the following types:


[is type="page"][/is] // Shows on pages
[is type="post"][/is] // Shows on posts
[is type="single"][/is] // Shows on pages and individual posts
[is type="front_page"][/is]  Shows on Home page
[is type="archive"][/is] // Shows on Blog list pages, such as category pages, tag pages, etc.
[is type="category"][/is] // Shows on category pages
[is type="tag"][/is] // Shows on tag pages
[is type="search"][/is] // Shows on the search results page