This is just a quick note to our customers to let you know that you're now using the latest version of WordPress! TitaniumSites at it's core is running on WordPress. It's the world's best content management system that millions of people use and love. We've added ton of custom features and great customizations on top... Read More

It's finally here! TitaniumSites now has the ability to show related posts! There's a blue-million plugins out there that provide related posts, but they either slow the site down, or don't have the customization needed to be used across many types of sites. That's why TS now has a custom solution. So why go with... Read More

Here comes another new shortcode! This one allows you to create url's on your domain that redirect anywhere you want. Here's an example: http://titaniumsites.com/facebook will take you to the TitaniumSites Facebook page(who would've guessed!). Here's how it works. Create a new page with the desired url. In my case, I created a page named facebook,... Read More

Responsive Design is the buzz word of the web industry right now, and for good reason! Mobile devices like phones and tablets are the fastest growing area of technology right now. Many sites are starting to see anywhere from 20-40% of their traffic coming from mobile devices. Unfortunately by default the average website doesn't work... Read More

Are you looking for a way to offer websites to your clients? We're more than happy to help you offer TitaniumSites as a white label service. Many small computer repair shops get requests from their clients to create websites for them. Unfortunately, creating website is a completely different skill set than repairing computers, so good... Read More